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  1.   Are humans free by nature, or is freedom a condition made possible by political institutions?

Who gave us freedom? Is freedom just the absence of rules? Or do make rules freedom possible?

Years and years ago a little child named “ Freedom” was born. He lived in a world without rules. No one told him to go to bed or to eat his dish. He was free. He slept outside at night. He didn’t go to school. He took candies from a store without paying. In his world there was no police, no politicians, no court. He did everything he wanted to do.
Freedom seamed happy and so everybody in his town tried to imitate his life and to live his philosophy. Everybody took things without paying. Nobody attended school. Everybody lived his own life. But sooner or later the town was running on empty. The people in the town forgot that they are not alone. They forgot about friends and their family. They just did what they wanted to do. Everything in the town was damaged. But nobody cared about it. Although this type of life worked for one little boy named “ Freedom” , it didn’t work for a hole town.

Was it really like this? Was freedom just an idea of a little boy or a little girl ? Who invented freedom? And if freedom is really something natural, who did take freedom away from us?

Freedom is hard to define. For some freedom might be: being yourself or having you own choice. But on the other hand freedom is always connected to security. Because without security you need to put yourself in a prison in order to defend your own life and your own choice. Political institutions can make our life more secure. They can help us to live in an ordered society.

Institution are made to order our life. If the institution allow us to be an individual in a ordered system, we feel like living total freedom. But the idea of freedom is certainly not created by an institution. An institution can help us to live in freedom but freedom was there before human beings existed.

All in all I would say that political institutions make freedom possible. Without political institutions freedom would be still there, but not longer doable. Without a system freedom would just be an idea in the space and nobody could reach it. There would be total chaos and disorder and nobody could life a happy life full of freedom.


Was alle erfolgreichen Menschen miteinander verbindet, ist die Fähigkeit, den Graben zwischen Entschluß und Ausführung äußerst schmal zu halten.

Peter Drucker